Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Tears HERE!

Ha. No tears from us> it was TOOO darn cold!! It saddens me that this will be her last experience with cheerleading, coach, and the cheerleaders. BUT it makes me happy that she won't be having practice or games so often. I know she really enjoys it, but I'm thinking of her health. I was totally impressed with the bags we purchased from M&M for Senior night. Glad I ordered some for Christmas presents!!
Okay. Serious stuff. ugh. The did a dance/cheer routine at halftime last night for Senior night, it looked great. Cute dance with lots of attitude. Steff did good, I did NOT notice anything going on ~ when she came off the field, Dave said she was limping & crying. Great mom I am, I didn't notice. I did see her laying against Carrie, looked like she was crying. Dave thought her knee, I thought it was her last dance.....WRONG!!! She was having an episode. We waited to go down there, thinking she just needed a minute. First off, I do have to say, Carrie's face was PRICELESS. Sorry Carrie!! I'm sure Steff just saw a "safe" place to go, not thinking about anything else. I smiled all over myself, Carrie you did good. LOL Back to Steff, she got up, walked to the bathroom with Coach. I waited a minute, then went up. When I walked in, I saw Steff with that "empty" look in her eyes. I HATE that look. Sara layed her down, she had a couple, rested for a bit. Then got up, put her dry clothes on and was ready to roll out. We suggested she did not cheer, so she sat on the side lines, went out to dinner afterwards, came home, crashed, had a peaceful night. You just CANNOT predict when it's going to happen or what is going to trigger it. I had just said 15 minutes earlier that she was doing so much better, and she is. It seems like the protein is helping. She seems more alert, more focused. She's taking the ACTS right about now, and I REALLY hope she can focus. I'm worried to death about her and the other kids taking the test, to be honest. I suggested she give the instructor a "heads up" ~ I can tell that wasn't going to happen. She just kept reassuring me that she would be fine. I fixed her navy beans with ground turkey in it for breakfast. Hope that was enough protein!!!!

Okay. Back to test results. Her Cholesterol was high, along with triglycerides & both HDL & LDL. He says this will be corrected with her diet. I got the impression that her body is not breaking down her food and processing it for her to get the most from it. Her Homocystine was also low, this indicates a B12 deficiency. It also has an impact on brain function. Her Lymps were also high, he said this is her immune response to Gardasil, we can doctor it and get it calmed down. Thyroid Her T4 is low, it makes hormones. Her T3 is also low, which could be causing her mental sluggishness. (I call that brain fog) Okay. Instead of breaking the rest down, I'll just put which tests were low.
Protein, Carbon Dioxide, BUN, Vitamin D. Basically, I understood that with these being low that they are not getting into the cell to make energy. It measures how well her body is using energy. Her Anion Gap was high, which has something to do with Adrenal Blood sugar.
Okay that's page 2 of my notes. Sounds like I need to go get some nutritional training, doesn't it? At first I felt bad, like she was just eating junk all the time, but that isn't a true statement. Okay, I'm sure she was eating her fair share of junk, but she is a big meat eater. I was surprised her protein was low. Anyway, he said it is more how her body is breaking it down and not getting what it needs from it. If you have more knowledge about this, or can break it down for me, feel free to email me. If you have some insight as to what is going on, again, feel free to enlighten me. I get it, but I'm not sure I fully understand. I am making sure she is eating protein every 2 hours when we are together, and sending it when she's not with me. I explained to her last night. This is costing us a LOT of money. You have to follow the plan or we are just throwing our money away. I do NOT mind spending the money to make her better, but she is going to have to work with us. She is doing good with the gallons of water, the new veggies & meats. To my knowledge, she has only had ONE soda, since we got the water plan going.
Wow. That just wears me out ~ too much thinking ~ I think. LOL I don't mean to act like this is all about her body being off, the Gardasil def added to her problems. Problems that we were not aware of, Dr. Flannery says her body probably teetered back & forth, with just enough to get by, until the Gardasil.
Okay. On a little heavier note..... the girl got ANOTHER speeding ticket last night. When she was learning to drive, I told her over and over, be sure to drive the speed limit, we will NOT pay your speeding tickets, the speed is posted, respect it. She obviously had a heavy foot, even while learning to drive. Okay. Ticket # 2. Speeding in the city limits of Hallsville. 63 in a 45. NICE. How many speeding tickets have I had? NONE. Slow down and pay attention. It's that simple. At least this time she wasn't crying or freaking out. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. She needs to allow herself more time to get there, like, get out of the mirror already and GO!
I'm out. Wonder how the ACTs are going??? Wonder if she drove the speed limit?? Wonder if she will eat her turkey burger on her break? Yep, I wonder a lot. LOL
If you have been to our house lately, you will be VERY glad to know that we have a cleaning plan in place today. As a matter of fact, I should be about half done, and here I am, as always. I feel like it's closing in on me ~ Dave must too ~ b/c cleaning was his idea. He's getting groceries right now ~ I need to get some things started. I wonder....... LOL later.

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  1. When I first started feeling the symptoms of Gardasil I was in Japan... managed to get myself to a doctor there and they did a blood test. I was puzzled by "ri-n-pa" on the test results was high (which is lympa, or lymphocytes... I know medical Japanese now too xD) and my cholesterol at times has been high and vitamin D low. Vitamin D is manufactured in part from the cholesterol in your skin (I learned this looking up Squalene which is a vaccine adjuvant although they do not use it in Gardasil)... anyway, it's like there is some kind of chain in body reactions that are supposed to happen that has been broken by this vaccine... it's just uncanny how similar the stories are...