Thursday, October 15, 2009

ugh, so much pain

Steff had a BAD spell at school on Wednesday, lasted about 1 hour 30-40 minutes. Her muscles are sore, her body is tired. She did good all evening, after a long nap. Went to bed, around 12 I heard her struggling with the pain. It lasted almost an hour, her body is now going into positions that is impossible. Not sure why what or where, but something has taken us back to March. We are leaving her sleeping this morning, we both know it's a difficult situation. Dave will be home with her, not sure how the day will progress once she wakes up and realizes she has missed school. I'm leaving for work, but wanted to drop a note that things are NOT going well. Tomorrow is Friday ~ hope to hear from the DR. with a reasonable plan. Keep our baby girl in your prayers, it's tough on her in many ways. She's a strong girl, but not sure how much one 18 year old can take. = (

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