Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quiet Nights, No call from DR

Hey! We have had 2 quite nights ~ YAY~ although small, you have to count your blessings when they come! Of course, she slept until she woke up on Thursday & Friday. Rest, oh so important!!
She did cheer at the game last night, her body was sore & complaining, but she cheered. Of course, she was full of Ibuprofen. She came straight home after the bus ride home. Today she worked at the Food Bank, Volunteer hours for NHS, which is good. Dave volunteered with her. I smiled. Usually it would be me ~ today, he jumped on going with her. Bonding. = ) After the Food Bank, we did a fundraiser at Sonic for the Senior all night party. The kids car hopped from 10-4, they get to keep all the tips. Worked out great for Sonic and the Seniors. Not sure about the numbers yet, but I think they did pretty good... and they saved Sonic from paying their regular car hops PLUS they made more $$ than usual with all the Hallsville supporters. I believe the Paris Rd Sonic made a total of $234.20, then the Rangeline Sonic also made tips. So, not a bad day. Car wash made more, but ..... every little bit adds up!! Steff enjoyed it and I believe the other car hops did too!
Okay, now, serious stuff. ugh. I got an email from the DR last night while we were at the Football Game. I sent him an email, letting him know I wouldn't be home until 10. Because you KNOW I wouldn't be able to listen to him at the ball game, let alone comprehend it!! I'm a little slow on the comprehension anyway!! I think I just don't want to face the facts sometimes. Anyway, I'll paste his email ~
Sorry I was not able to call you yesterday. The lab results were not released yesterday. As soon as they are released we can make a plan. The fact that Steffanee failed the GABA challenge is going to change things a lot. I need to review everything again and be certain as how to proceed. Have a blessed weekend and pray the results will be available Monday. Live Healthy. Live Smart. Live Health Wise! Dr. Mark Flannery
There it is. You now know as much as I do. = ) I'm wondering how he treats them and how many arms & legs it will cost me! I've been trying to get moms on the group to email my aol address so I can privately ask questions. Dr. Mark reads & posts on the group page, so I don't want to just ask there. LOL not sure why, just don't. LOL
Okay, I have Aaliyah and Steff is trying to rest, so I prob need to take A downstairs to entertain her ~ by doing wash!! ~ not really. She can stamp while I do wash. I'm out.

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