Sunday, October 4, 2009

DR> MARK ~ Simi Valley CA

Steff's still sleeping ~ surprise! surprise! LOL Sound asleep. Today is the Urine test day. We have to collect the first morning specimen. After at least 2 hours, she has to drink that "special" drink, then we collect the urine for 6 hours. Long story short> I take it to Fed Ex in the morning and get it shipped to the lab. This test will let us know if she has a leaky gut, if the barrier is broken. Yeah, that's what the DR. said.
Okay. To what the DR. did say on the phone consult ~ the overload I was on and am still processing. I have my notes here, so stay with me. I just read an article that makes sense to me now> Here's the link, but read Dr. Mark's infor first, it kind of all rolls together.
Okay, he says he would NOT give the HPV shot to his daughter. He does not talk the vaccine down, just states the he would not give it to his kid. He says it is not the Gardasil Vaccine that is making these girls sick, it's the straw that breaks the camels back. The girls that are having the adverse reactions have a predisposed condition, they have medical problems that teeter back and forth on being a little off and being normal. The vaccine pushes that problem over the edge. Now, if you read that article, you will read about girls that died after the shot, the medical problems that were found. I'm buying it. We all know that Ms. Steffanee had some kind of hypoglycemia/passing out/anxiety during her freshman year. The DRs at the hospital kept trying to link the two ~but couldn't. I'm wondering if we had it pretty much under control, but not completely, then the vaccine caused it to flare up 110%. He says these girls have broken down barriers, be it blood or brain, and it lets the toxins settle into the weak areas. That is why we are doing the UA/Saliva to test for broken down barriers. She also will be taking another test, called GABA, to check the brain barrier. It's an easy one. I give her 2 pills around 5-6 pm ~ it should knock her out for the night. If not, I am assuming she fails. We didn't go deep into this test, just that it will be a clear response.
Dr. Mark says he has seen and heard of the twitching eyes, rolling eyes, but has not heard or seen any of the blurred, tunnel vision like Steff has. He said it sounds like Opti Neurotis, which is inflammation of the Optic Nerve. We'll deal with that as we get her healed. Which, by the way, her vision was messed up last night for a while. and YES, it does worry me. a LOT.
One reason she is on this strict diet is to control the inflammation in her body. General Inflammaion is affecting the nervous system. Removing certain foods helps to control it.
He said in Feb/March her Active Immune Response (AIR) was low according to her tests and it looked like her Immune System was going crazy. By doing the extensive blood panels, he plans to look at the break down of immune panels and get a handle on it.
It take 2 nutrients to make the body run smoothly. Glucose (blood sugar) and Oxygen. Without these, the brain cannot function properly. According to Steff's blood testing in Feb from the hospital, her B12, which supplies oxygen, was defecient. He also is thinking that she has an iron deficiency. Tests will tell. This is also where the idea that she is Reactive Hypoglycemic. Stay with me here, b/c I may not get it correct, but you will get the idea. Sleep modulates the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands balance blood sugar, manage blood sugar problems, they also help balance minerals. I wrote down hormones too. So, he also wonders if Steffanee has an Adrenal Dysfunction, along with the Hypoglycemia. So, if you are following all this and you were aware of the problems she had her Freshman year, it makes sense. So, he is doing a full blood work up on panels to know how her body is functioning, it will show where the body is not working. I will be taking off work and taking her into Boyce & Bynum on Monday morning. I believe they open at 7:30 Am, so I can get her back to school ASAP. Unless of course, she does that passing out thing and has problems.
Are you on info overload yet? Or perhaps I was, b/c I'm excited again and hoping for a solution to her problems. He did say the diet is VERY important, so we'll be doing it for quite a while, I'm sure. I keep telling her 2 months. If you can do it for 2 months, you probably will adjust and be okay with the healthy foods we are eating. I have stopped wanting chocolate. Not sure what that's about, but I'm sure it has something to do with all these veggies we are eating. As I was asking Steffanee all the questions on his paperwork, I was thinking that "hey, I have a lot of these issues myself"~ of course, we all eat at the same table. : ) I get it.
This is a long post, so I'll try to wrap up. She did survive HC week, barely. Now it can only get easier from there. No cheer practice on Mon or Tues. Lots of rest and lots of good food. I am getting better about her choices. I fried rice with fresh veggies last night. It was SOOO good. Who knew? I never fried rice before. It's called fried, but it's actually just sauteed with celery, mushrooms, carrots & cabbage. I threw HOT salt in for a seasoning and it's good. Today, doing the Urine test, she cannot have mushrooms. Go figure! I guess I'll go cook some without. Looks like I will be making at least 2 runs to the store each week. Fresh veggies don't have a shelf life like those foods we used to eat!! LOL Okay, I'm out. If you have information to share after all this> feel free> my brain is clear as mud!! No, really, I get it. I REALLY feel we are on the right track. Dave, well, he's a bit questionable about it. He still wants me to call other families to make sure this DR is on the up & up. I kind of want to, but I don't' want to lose all this hope I have filling me up. I'm out for sure!! Hoping for a GREAT day tomorrow, but really, I know it's going to take time to heal the damage done last week ~ by pushing her body to all of it's limits and past. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I've also had vision trouble! Through my own research (I too always hoped I'd have something that drs. have seen/acknowledged) and do a lot of research on everything that "could be" happening... but I really think it 's all about gardasil and an underlying hormone imbalance. What makes me frustrated is why no primary care dr. or mainstream dr. knows ANYTHING about it.

    I have had only 1 tunnel vision episode. I was working with my functional med. dr. drinking the protein smoothies and following the strict diet at the time... was walking, then walking home I remember everything except the middle of my vision became sort of noisy and fuzzy. It resolved... but I have noticed general decline since then and a LOT of visual floaters, flashers... I definitely think something's going on with the retina and the optic nerve. Head MRI three years ago showed nothing so I hope that's just the case... and then if it's the vaccine, then of COURSE nothing will show up.

    Neither of us have gone blind yet... that's positive.

    Reading this blog has been GREAT for me. I thank you so much for putting your experience out there so that all of us who are simply told that we are crazy, that we have anxiety, that something isn't right but nothing is found "wrong"... that we're depressed... it really helps. Thank-you, thank-you.