Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Steff had a peaceful night again last night! YESS!! She came home from cheer practice, looking good and stated that she had a good day. She looked like she still had energy. Guess I read that wrong, b/c right after dinner, she crashed. Still sleeping! Rest is good. I did shut the TV and lights off. Dr says to keep things quiet while she is sleeping so we don't stimulate her brain. Okay, I can do that. Much easier than all this cooking!! AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! Last night he made it clear that she cannot have much fruit. One more thing taken away. FRUIT or fruit juice. IF she eats fruit and she can 2 times a day, she MUST eat it with protein to slow the sugar process down.
Okay. I am going to go through the first part of my notes and then stop. The Gabi Swank, " I don't want to be.....ONE LESS" T shirts came in tonight, so I need to sort, label and bag them up for distribution tomorrow. AND I would like to be in bed by 10. LOL
Okay. He said the worse cases are the ones that fail the GABA test and have a leaky gut. Yep, that would be Steffanee. He then went on to say that her immune system is doing better than he thought it would be. She does have some Immune Dysfunction, but one part of the immune system realizes that there is not a reason to attack. The other part is still looking for something to attack. Her Immune System is not as bad as most girls. This is a good thing. : )
Her glucose was 76, which is a big problem. Glucose makes the brain work. You need to support and nourish it with lots of proteins. She has to eat proteins every 2-3 hours, except through the night. If she's napping, like now, I have to wake her and have her eat. He says the seizures/episodes are from not nourishing her brain. I also learned that the sugar in fruit causes more problems with her glucose. She can only have 1/3 cup of juice, then add water to dilute and fill the glass up.
She has a B12 deficiency. This also has an impact on the brain functioning. It deals with her energy level as well.
Okay, I'm out. Sorry I just touched on the surface. I have lot more to share, but it's going to take time for me to get it done. I have to get the shirts ready, so I can get some of my $$$ back.
Have a good day and pray that this is our answer. I'm out.

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