Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hoping I'm on the right path

Hey, it's getting late, I have TONS to post, but not sure where to start or how to post. LOL I will say, I only lost ONE arm today. However, the treatments need to be done for six months. Her testing came back better than Dr. Mark had anticipated, which is good. We did chat, I do understand and it does make sense. All of it. Things he didn't know about her ~ he guessed ~ and he was right on the money. The belching> if you know her ~ you are smiling about now. Child can put a man to shame with her belching. Yes, I'm proud! LOL Her dad and brothers have encouraged this since she was small. I, on the other hand, find it disgusting. She belches from the bottom of her feet. He guessed she had a burping, belching, gas problem. I'll explain tomorrow. I have to go cook some more. Found out a lot about the brain and proteins, glucose, and what happens to the brain if your glucose is too low. So anyway, she has to eat proteins every 2 hours. Therefore, I just got back from Gerbes and am getting ready to throw some ground turkey burgers in the skillet> of course, with my special seasonings.
He is skipping the cleansing of the liver for her. WE are jumping right into chelation as soon as the box of supplies arrive. He said if she continues to have the episodes, it's okay, but if they become more intense (ugh!) or look different, we will stop everything and go to the 30 cleansing of the liver. Then proceed from there. I have to get those burgers on. Woke up this morning at 5:50, HAD to make it to work on time~ did it. HATE mornings like that, so I would like to be in bed by 10. Prob won't happen tonight!! I'm out..............................

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