Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr on the GABA test

Okay, so sometimes my brain is just FULL. Period. Sometimes I don't listen when I should and sometimes I just hear what I want to hear. Yep, that's me. So, that being said, I was WAY off base with this GABA test. I was happy she fell asleep, yeah, right. Here is Dr. F's take on the GABA test. He's the Doctor!!
I am sorry to hear (from your message) that Steffanee is not doing well. The fact that she fell asleep an hour after taking the GABA and you could not wake her up indicates a POSITIVE test result. This is not good and most likely the major contributing factor in her symptoms. This is very common in the girls that are having seizure like activity. This is not good and is difficult to treat. The immune testing is done but awaiting final review by the lab. Results should be released today or tomorrow. Once I get those results we can move forward.Live Healthy. Live Smart. Live HealthWise! Dr. Mark Flannery
So, there you have it. I hope STEFFANEE is the exception to the "difficult to treat" ~ I cannot say enough how sick I am of watching her struggle with this. She is such a trooper. Got up this morning, well, 11:00, pulled things together and went to school. I love her SOOO much. I never ever thought I would be dealing with something like this. It's amazing how your mind & body just do what you have to do. AND we will. We will do whatever it takes to get her straightened out. I know her little body is sore and has to be aching after last night. She cried and cried as her muscles were pulling her body in different directions. There is nothing you can do, but sit and pray. Pray that this will be over and please take the pain away for her.
Dave picked her up yesterday from school. He said you could see the worry and stress on the faces of everyone taking care of her. He's concerned that it isn't fair to put the responsibility on them. WE both know how difficult the situation is, but what can you do? Thanks to each & everyone of you out there, for the prayers, concern & help you are giving her, be it physical, emotional or mental. It takes a village. I hope tonight is a peaceful night. Seems like today was a smooth one, but then, it's only 5:00. I'm out.

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