Thursday, October 8, 2009

So far, a good day

So far, it's been a good day for Steff, to my knowledge. I called Sara at school to check on her, she said she hadn't heard from her. That was good to hear! I also checked with one of her teachers, she said she seemed good today, laughing. The remainder of my day was better. I worry about her every single minute of the day. Yes, I do try to turn it over, but I still think about her. She has been having a lot of pain with these new episodes. The twisting of the arm, the twitches, were a lot easier on her. It rips my heart every time she screams in pain. It just isn't fair. That's what goes through my mind. It just is not fair. I can speculate all day on why it has started back up, but still don't have the answer. I really don't know why or what is causing it to get worse. BUT I do know that I Hate it.

I love her smile, her laughter, her little smart ways, her DRY sense of humor. I miss that. I love her light spirit ~ it's been a while. I'm not angry, just bummed. Bummed that I can't stop this, bummed b/c it's gotten worse. But mostly disappointed that she is having a difficult time enjoying her Senior year. Yeah, I know, that there will be bigger and better things, but she IS so excited about her Senior year.

I should celebrate the good days, and it looks like this might be one! AND I am thankful for a good day for her. So, I'll get off her and go start her some dinner ~ I know she will be coming home hungry!! Please keep her in your prayers.

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