Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gabi Swank T shirts

Yes, you all know I have an obsessive personality. = )
So, I'm letting you all know I am placing an order for Gabi Swank T shirts again this week. Let's spread the word AND help with their fundraiser. Shirts are $12. with $2. shipping. $14.00 total. It's a small price for such a BIG message. Besides, the money goes to help pay for Gabi's medical bills. I would LOVE to send them more money!! Last order was $160.00. Give me a call, or I printed order forms for Steff to pass out, if she's asked for them. I don't want to open her up to insults or injury by other's opinions. So, if you want an order form> ASK HER. She's very supportive of this fundraiser for Gabi Swank, a cheerleader from Kansas.
Black shirts, Gabi's name & ribbon on sleeve, verse from Coritheans on back, with ribbon and on the front I don't want to be "ONE LESS" It pretty much makes a statement, while supporting this sick young girl. $14.00 Money with order would be good. = )
I dont' know how to attach the order form, so if you don't live close and want to order one, shoot me an email, I can attach one to an email. THANKS> Best to copy & paste it. The 0 & i in Robrich are numbers.

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