Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another quiet night....

Ah... Steff wanted to spend the night out last night. I frowned on it. Long story short, she came home & crashed, after curfew, I might add!! We knew where she was & who she was with, so not a biggie. She crashed and slept all night. YAY~ sounds like I have a newborn and I'm celebrating the sleeping nights. LOL NOT!! She did NOT feel well today. She did go to Boonville with me to visit family, but prob should have stayed home. I saw a tear or two slide down her cheek, hard to tell if someone hurt her feelings or if she felt that bad. She later told me she felt that bad. We got home, she chilled a minute or 2, then headed to a friends house. I admire her for pushing through it, yet, sometimes I wonder if that's a bad thing. Who knows what the right thing is????
I did tell her to be home by 9:30, esp b/c she didn't feel well. She needs that sleep!!
It felt good having Dave here this week, it was a BIG load off of me while I was at work. He made sure she was okay before he left, or the days she slept in, he was here with her. It's very hard to work and focus on anything. My mind always goes back to her, wondering how she's doing and hoping she is having a good day. By the way, his ribs are getting better, slowly.
I'm out, need to go fix something for her lunch ~ I'm thinking turkey burger Oops, no bread. So I guess it would be turkey steak. LOL I found some Lays chips that she can eat today. AND I found out that Paris Rd Gerbes is expanding their all natural and gluten free aisle. This is good. I also ordered her favorite rice chips there. Life has to get easier. I'm out> have a good week!!
Will post when I learn something.....

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