Saturday, October 10, 2009

aahhh...Two good days, almost 3.

aah. Two good days and today seems like it might be three. I am very thankful. When I took her to Kate & Sandra's for the massage, it threw her into a couple of episodes. They massaged, did their energy thing and we all prayed over her for quite a while. It went well. When Steff got up, she was tired, we came home and went to bed. She woke me up in the night, she was laughing so hard. I smiled. OBVIOUSLY she was having a good dream. : ) She made it on Thursday & Friday without an episode. Her entire body hurts though, especially her hips & knees. Not sure if it's the cold or if the episodes were that hard on her.
I will tell you this ~ Dave hurt his ribs, fell onto the dozer or something. Anyway, he moans everytime he moves b/c it's bruised pretty bad. She has absolutely NO patience with anyone complaining about something so simple. She lets him have it, then goes on to say how much pain she is in every single day of her life. How she does not complain like he does, blah blah blah. They went at it, jokingly for quite a while. I just smiled. He is still whining, just for the record. = )
Friday night was the football game. She came home from school walking funny. Her hips & knees hurt bad enough that she didn't cheer. Instead she & Sadie went around selling rally towels & chances for the 50/50 raffle. I was worried about her, b/c I was freezing my butt off out there, and she had on less than I did. We made it, she slept well and was cheerful today. It is VERY hard to get her to eat every two hours. As she left tonight, I handed her a baggie of apples, an orange cut into quarters and some rice chips. They might go to waste, but I"m trying.
I talked with the Dr. in CA again on Thursday night. You KNOW I was stressing that she was going backwards. I was REALLY depressed. It just took me back to the beginning of all this. He stressed how important the diet is, including the eating every 2 hours. He said the jibberish she speaks after an episode is because she probably has toxins sitting in her brain, causing her transmitters to misfire. He also said that these girls usually have sensitivity to light & noise (Steff does) because the cells in the brain are firing too much. It's too much stimulation for her brain. Here's the funny part> he said she needs to be in bed by 10 without any music, tv, lights, or noise~it taxes the brain too much. She is supposed to be up by 8:30 on the weekends. That's the funny part. He stated that we have to re-pattern her brain. An afternoon nap for 1 1/2 hours, then up. I just smiled. I will do everything he says once he gets her blood/urine tests back, but that to bed at 10 on the weekends might be a hard one to sell. I will try. I do want her better, much, much better. So, I'm looking up again, my heart isn't as heavy, my load is lighter. I did hand it over, but the worry keeps hanging on. I love that kid! I do have to say, her patience with the new diet is very good. I am learning to cook with new produce ~ I made a great guacomole dip. She really likes the brown rice tortilla chips to dip with. Denise & Charlie gave us a lot of fresh veggies, frozen & fresh to stir fry with!
Okay, I'm off. For those of you that know my family ~ Stacia had her baby today. Boy. 5# 3 oz. No name yet. He's a little guy. I took some good pix> my camera only uploaded 2 pictures of 6, and deleted them from the camera. Ever have that problem? Know how to help me fix it ~ give me a call. Right now, I'm pretty unhappy about it.
I'm out> life is good > Steff is good> we are all smiling > life is good. Day by day, hour by hour.

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