Monday, October 19, 2009


Last night was a quiet night. However, when I got up, I checked on Steff like I usually do and her leg was going to town. She was sound asleep. I went on to work, Dave was home. She called me before she left for school, telling me how bad her spine hurts. She used to complain about it a lot, but hasn't lately. Dr. H at the University put her in a back brace, then I took her for acupuncture and it seemed like it lightened up. Anyway, today it was killing her. I checked on her a couple of times at school to see if she wanted to come home. Nope, she decided to stay. About 2:30 or somewhere in there, I get a text from Sara, Steff is having an episode. Only today it is mostly in her legs. She stayed with Sara for a bit, then went on back to class. Sara suggested a massage from a friend of hers. She set up the appointment for 4:30. Steff went and Sara, the masseuse, seems to think it will make a difference if she comes 2 times a week. So, we'll try that for about a month and see if things change. Epsom salt bath after the massage, to release the toxins in the skin.
I got a call from CA today. We sat up the phone consult for tomorrow at 4 ~ our time. Hope he has a good plan that is very effective. We'll find out tomorrow I guess.
I made potato soup tonight, legal for Steff & I liked it. = ) I'm out ~ I'm tired!! Hope I bring some good news tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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