Saturday, October 3, 2009


WEll, Ms Steffanee survived Homecoming ~ her body fought her all the way ~ and I'm not sure yet which one won! She's still knocked out. Friday was a FULL day, after a very FULL week. She was excited, but exhausted. School, parade, practice, dinner w/cheerleader, get ready for the game, Game, then Homecoming Dance. I never thought it would all happen, as much as I would have liked for it to. She called a few times during dinner, trying to figure out what was on her diet and what she could/couldn't eat. Her voice was flat ~ I KNEW, and asked, she didn't want to talk about it, yet another bad sign. Long story longer ~ after dinner on the ride back to Hallsville (luckily with the coach!) she fell asleep and the episode with the screaming began. I know the other cheerleaders had to be freaked out. When Sara called me to say she was bringing her home, I could hear her. THAT took me back to February when it all began. OOps it's not about me! LOL Dave went out and carried her in~ that always touches my heart. He layed with her - me, I was back to I couldn't do anything right. Talking too loud, too much, nothing I did was right. THAT told me she was in a lot of pain, it's been quite a while since she has acted like that. So, I went about my business and let Daddy take care of her. I lost the battle.HE said we could all go to the HC game IF she sat with us by the cheerleaders. I said NO. He said YES ~ and we know who won. STEFFANEE. She kept crying that this was her last HC. All went well. WE all made it through it. She also went to the dance, against my wishes ~ looked absolutely amazing in her tight little sequined dress. I was a nervous wreck by the time she called and came home. It's over ~ she got to experience her Last HC and we survived. This week> I'm the boss > and I see lots of rest in her future! (Dave will be out of town) So, there was our Friday ~ up, then down, up, down. I was confused!! ha
Seniors won 1st place with their float ~ and it looked fabulous!!
I decided to wait on the saliva testing until next Sunday. It has to start at 6 AM and ends around 10 PM ~ hard to have her keep spitting while she's sleeping. Urine testing is a go for tomorrow and the blood on Monday. I'm focused, but a realist as well. Have a GREAT weekend everyone~ and enjoy the FALL weather ~ whether you like it or not!! HA

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