Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just one more post today.

Steff made it home from the ACTs. She wasn't sure how she did, but did state that reading is just impossible. She has a difficult time comprehending. Her little body stayed with her and didn't give her any trouble. That was my main concern. So, not too sure how many more opps she will have to take it. We'll just have to deal with what she gets. Although she is a smart girl, her testing hasn't always been a strong point. Then add in the brain fog, episode worry and the end result cannot be good. So, that's done. She came home, ate lunch and is crashed out on the couch. Good Day.
Me? Well, I have everything picked up from the living room, the dishes half done and well, that's about it. Dave cleaned the entire downstairs, it looks much better. I just keep puttering around. I ate protein, thinking my brain would kick in, well, it did, just not to clean. I'm thinking tomorrow. I ALWAYS think ... tomorrow.
Need a smile? Dave got groceries, mainly b/c I spend too much money. I pick up stuff, not because we need it, but it's on sale. Anyway, thinking we could save money, I gave him a list and guess what?!? He spent more than I do. He went over my high, excluding Thanksgiving & Christmas groceries. We laughed about it, groceries must really be going up. LOL
I'm making guacamole tonight. I think Ms Steff has plans, so we might throw a frozen pizza in when she leaves. We are pretty good about not eating things she really enjoys in front of her.
I'm out again, going to try to focus on the kitchen. Thinking I might save this computer room for next week, I'm off on Thurs/Fri, inventory. Every ones junk seems to end up back here. It was in the sauna room until I moved it. Oh well............I"ll do what I can. Kitchen, bath, living room. That's my focus now. Later, I'm out. Hope it's a quiet night. = )

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