Monday, October 5, 2009

Two down, One to go...

The blood is drawn and on it's way to Florida and where ever else it was going. It was going to two different labs. It took ALL morning, but we got it done. Steff did real well with the giving of the blood, but the place was difficult to hunt down! We made it, Thanks to Nancy's help.
I dropped the other (ua) package off at Fed Ex this morning before we left town, so that's on it's way. The final test is the saliva, hoping to get it done next Sunday. = )
We both only made it 2-3 hours at school/work today, so we aren't tired tonight! ha I also took her to Dr. Menard for an adjustment on her back. He said he could tell something was going on, her back was very tight. She felt better when we left there. So, all in all it was a very successful day.
I asked her tonight if she still had that shaky feeling inside ~ yes, it hasn't gone away. You would NEVER know it by being around her. Trooper! Not much else going on around here ~ that's a good thing. quiet & calm, my two favorite words. Hope it stays that way all week. Early to bed, peaceful days and lots of smiles. That would be a Good Week. Hoping you each have one as well!!

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