Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday AM

Today is THE day! All smiles here. I'm feeling better about it. I took Steff to a Dr. yesterday that sent off hair samples for analysis. This should tell us what we are dealing with in her system. She's a holistic Dr. Not sure I spelled that correctly, but you get the point. Also, I will be dropping off that 24 hour jug : ) at Boone today. SO> possibly some progress can be made while I'm out slacking off. No, Steff wasn't too happy to give the hair up~ I about died, I thought they took a couple of strands with the roots. Nope, they cut 2 nice chunks of hair from the back of her head. Her face was priceless......mine prob was too. It's just hair. Not sure if the insurance will cover this, but I will make an attempt. Doesn't matter, I think it's a good idea.
The girls are coming over to learn about our cats and take care of our house. This takes a big load off while we are out laying in the Mexico sun. Great friends!!
Some people seem to surprised that we are dragging Steffanee off to Cancun with all this going on. My answer~ what can it hurt? She has them here, she can have them there. We are hoping she doesn't, but we'll deal with it. It's not like we are in any process of fixing something and are interrupting it. We know that all her tests are normal. Normal kids go to Cancun. (sarcasm). We will take good care of her and to me, this is giving her a break from all the DR. stuff. We will not be discussing medical junk down there. Besides, I scheduled this in November, before she started having these episodes. There you have it. : ) Life is good and keeps on going................

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