Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday 3/08

Good Evening All! Life is good today. It has been a boring day with nothing to report. I am thankful for days like today. Steffanee did tell me that I act like this is over and it is not. WOW! She then told me that she still has bad pain in her back that has not gotten any better. Just because the episodes don't happen as much, doesn't mean this is over. Well, OKAY THEN. She's right, it's her body and life that has changed. Hoping tomorrow we can get some answers from the Ortho Dr. I will touch base in the evenings, since I will now be working! I won't have as much time to spend in here on this computer. BUMMER! : ) I will still post, b/c I like keeping a record of everything going on with her. Here's to hoping it won't last too much longer. ~ me

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