Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Hello all. Another beautiful day in Missouri! : ) Steff worked a long shift yesterday. She made it, but was very tired when she got home. When I met her for dinner at 5, her back was hurting, she ate and took 2 IB's. She looked good, but tired. I was in contact with Leslie, from yesterday. I questioned her about how to find out if the Gardasil is doing this. Her response was again, that we need to get her detoxed and we need to do it the right way. She gave me a Dr. in Colorado to contact, he's similar to Dr. Flannery in CA. I plan to do that on Monday. Hoping he has a contact here in MO to work through. In the meantime, we are getting things ready for Cancun, along with watching the TIGERS! Steff is working again today 12-6. Since we don't feel it is safe for her to drive yet, we are taking her to and from. She says she feels like she's 14 again. Oh well.........
I slept (layed) with her last night to observe her while sleeping. I did give her a full muscle relaxer before bed. She arched out 2 times, but it stayed calm. Her left leg twisted a few times, but she still had a full night of rest. I asked her this AM about how she slept, and she said she slept good. I don't think either of these things woke her up, which is good. I was curious if the relaxer would make the episodes lighter. Guess that answer would be yes. Of course, that was just one night, after a LONG work day. I'm hoping we are on the right track/train, whatever it takes.
Dave brought it to my attention on Friday, that I need to stop saying, "I want my girl back". He says it makes her feel like she has become someone else. Didn't realize how that came across until he put it that way. What I meant was~ That happy go lucky smiling, laughing, happy girl she was before this started. She's trying to be that girl. I need to let that go and work on getting her over this. We plan to do the 24 hour specimen thing on Monday, I'll drop it off on Tuesday.
Not sure how long that will take, but I did cancel her appt with Dr. C on the 24th. We might follow up with him after the UA results get back.
Not much going on here, laundry, dishes, that kind of stuff!! YUCK! Aaliyah is here until Monday evening. She will stay home with Steff on Monday. She's an easy kid to have around. She's watching Grease ~ and has not left the TV. Grease was always one of Steff's favorites too! Oh well, have a good day~ I plan to know more on Monday. Later.......................................

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