Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey all. My days are much busier now that I'm back at work> actually made it 2 full days in a row! I called about the 24 hour specimen> Boone Hospital was very helpful. They are open all weekend, so this is something we can do on a Saturday. I received the script today in the mail. Glad she doesn't have to miss school to do this. (work will be glad too) : ) Steff seems to be doing better with the brace, but hurts when she takes it off. We still don't know what the problem is. Hoping the bone scan or the labs will show something. She HATES when I question her about the pain, her spazing or anything about being sick, so this week I have tried very hard not to ask the usual 20 questions! I can tell by her tolerance level that she feels better than she did last week. I can also say that if we make it through Friday night- it will be a week since an episode. I hate saying it, b/c then it happens. But Dr. P did up her Keppra another 1/2 before bed. She seems to have her appetite back, I'm guessing the nausea has stopped. That is about all the medical news I have.
On the school news- we were worried about her grades, with her missing so much school. She got on it and pulled her grades back up. She ended up with a B+ and the rest A's. Can't complain about that> esp with the hours she missed. She's in there doing homework now.
That's about all I have to share today. I probably will try to post every other day, since things are pretty much the same each day. If I learn anything new about her or find more out about her tests, I will keep you posted. I'm hoping we keep going in the right direction!

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