Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sat 2 AM

Hey Guys. I missed work today, I didn't sleep much on Thursday night. My wheels wouldn't stop turning. I got up with Steff this morning and saw her off to school. She looked really cute when she left. We went out to dinner this evening with a few friends, then they came over to watch the Tigers> they won! Steff fell asleep on the couch downstairs after the game. About 30 minutes later she went into a violent, long episode. It lasted 35 minutes. Our friends were still here. I really don't think anyone is prepared to witness what she goes through. She was very uncomfortable and in quite a bit of pain, during and after.
Today I received that email about the Chillicothe girl and Gardasil. In the email, I noticed a name and number for infectious diseases. When I spoke with the SL Dr. I asked him if there was any way they could tell if the Gardasil was doing this to her. He said an infectious disease Dr. would be able to tell. I let that go. BUT, today when I saw a name I recognized attached to the Dr. I called them, chatted and sent her my phone #, along with a link to my blog. She said they have people there that study these types of things. SO, I have a call into Dr. P asking for a referral to one of those Drs. In the meantime, she goes for that bone scan for her back. If something shows up or explains why these episodes are happening, I'll cancel. I know I don't dwell on the Gardasil, but in my heart, I really feel like that is what has happened to our girl. If we can find out, then perhaps someone can help us get her better. Watching her struggle through these episodes is extremely difficult. I have been laying with her, she fell asleep, but I can't. It's almost 3 AM ~ how can I shut down and sleep??? She's suppose to work tomorrow 1-5, I know I can't be with her 24/7, but I would feel better if I could. I do okay while she is at school, b/c they have seen it, and several of the teachers/sec keep an eye on her and know how to take care of her when it happens. I feel like I am back to square one.
Back to that email from the Chil family. I noticed that in the warnings she found for Gardasil, it listed sore joints or muscle pain to contact a doctor. I did not read that anywhere in the paper work we were handed in the office. I really think if I had read that, I would have listened to her when she complained of these things. I would have known it was the shot, not over working them in Cheer leading. The only side effects I was handed was soreness at the shot sight and to watch for fever. Another parallel with the Chil girl, things seem really loud to Steff when she's in an episode, or when one is close to happening. I know Steff is not even close to being in the shape that girl is in, but something is going on inside her little body. I know I'm rambling, but I feel so helpless~ and I'm the mom. I should be able to help her. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a good day for her.

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