Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday AM

Monday was an okay day for Steff. She was very tired all day at school. She rode the bus to the game in Versailles and cheered. (Girls~they won) : ) She rode home with us and complained that her back was hurting. She was all layed back in the front seat with her feet on the dash, she looked comfortable! She seemed to have a restless night. I heard her call for me around 3:45 AM, she was having an episode. It wasn't as light as they have been, probably a medium. : ) Don't know how else to describe it. We went to PT this morning and she was tired, but seemed fine. There is another game on Tues & Wed, not sure she will be riding the bus or cheering. We'll play it by ear. At this point, I hope she makes it all day at school.

She starts taking the sinemet (1/2 pill) three times a day today. This one makes her very tired. I gave a few teachers a 'heads up' b/c she takes her first one with breakfast~ just in case she knocks out in class. I'm supposed to call the St. L. Dr. back after 4 days of the 3 a day. I guess then he will decide if she needs to stay on it, or come off. I did buy her some Vit B 12 today at Clovers. I am hoping that helps. I also bought her some chewable ginger for the nausea. I'm all about getting her fixed! LOL I hate that the meds have such side effects. They seem to be helping, but the nausea and feeling tired all the time stinks.

I did get a call from her OB/GYN today. She said they searched everywhere and didn't find any proven reports from the Gardasil. She was very supportive and nice about it. Said she would keep searching and keep in touch with us. She asked how she was doing & what meds they had her on. She also stated how frustrating it is for a Dr. to not have answers. Yep, frustrating for parents as well.
SO> Here's to hoping today is a full and productive day at school!!

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