Friday, March 6, 2009

It's FRIDAY.......

Yesterday was Steff's best day since this thing began. She looked like my girl when I got to the BB game. (boys~ they lost.) She had that little shine back in her eyes. She did a good job cheering~ the entire game~ she looked good! We chatted and laughed most of the way home, then she knocked out to Taylor Swift. It felt like old times-it's been awhile. : ) She looked good again this morning! Dave says she'll have good days and bad days, he thinks I get too excited on the good days. Oh well.
Steff has an appointment this morning with Dr. P. I really don't look for any answers there, unless he has done tons of researching and has come up with something. I think she has pretty much stumped him with this medical thing. But we are going, just the same. She also has an appointment with the ped orthopaedic Dr at the University, either today or Monday morning> still up in the air. Either way, I'm taking her. Can't hurt~ and will eliminate my questions about her low back pain.
That's about all I know. Today is my birthday> wo hoo!! Lunch with friends, this is good. Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day! I'm outa here.

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