Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday AM : )

Good Morning all! Saturday was a very nice day around here. After a long nap, Steff picked her room up (SHOCK!) and had a good day and evening. She went to see Slum Dog Millionaire and really liked it. I think it's one of those movies that make you think. I would really like to go see it myself.
Dave and I kicked it around here, watched a movie Gran Torino with Clint. It was pretty good, I was glad it wasn't as violent as I thought. It, too, makes you think. We laughed a LOT.
Boring post, I know, but good movie reviews!! LOL Boring is good at this point.
I'm letting her get as much sleep as she needs. Well, not really, I will be making noise, with her door open in about 20 minutes. NO ONE needs to sleep past 11. If she feels up to it, and doesn't have too much homework, I think we'll road trip to Boonville to see family after the Tigers play. Hoping for another boring day! Enjoy you Sunday everyone! Life Is Good.

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