Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday morning...

Hello all! Friday proved to be a pretty good day. We made it to her appointment at 11, as scheduled. We finally got taken to a room at 12:15, didn't get out of there until 1:15. We had a nice visit with Dr. P and his nurse. He said dystonia does not spaz you out while you are sleeping. (he did say it in nicer terms) He is however, putting his student DR. on that this weekend to research. We talked and debated for quite a while. I mentioned the Gardasil again. He said they are looking at that and when he gets ready for a clinic, he will be sure to invite me. I again stressed that I am not looking for someone to blame, I just want to know how to get her healed and back to herself without these episodes. He has his own theory on these episodes. He seems to think that something or someone has hurt her emotionally and she is keeping it in her sub conscious and that's why it happens at night while she is asleep. Okay~ BUT then, why did it happen at school for 2 days? and in the hospital - 30 episodes in one day?? She seems like a well adjusted young lady to me. Of course, I am her mom. That said, if there was something "eating"at her, I think I would notice a difference in her personality. We talk quite a bit, she tells me some stuff, I'm sure not all. But I am keyed into her personality. There is his theory and my rebuttal. Still a mystery. He just smiles at me and agrees that we are on the same page> we just want to get her better. You know I'm sassy and so does he!!
I am taking her to the Orthopeadic Dr on Monday at 9. Yep, my first day back to work and I called in a half day of vacation. AND on Tuesday I have to leave early b/c she gets those pix taken at Lucas Photography in Moberly. I plan to work regular hours the remainder of the week. LOL BUT we'll see what it brings. Dave is happy I'm going back to work.
I'm going to call Dr. C in SL on Monday as well. I missed him on Friday. I will find out the results of her blood/urine work and ask about taking her off the nauseating pill. She is still having the episodes, so what's the point? BTW> she had one last night at a friends house around 1:15, in her sleep. They handled it just fine and reported in with me. I know she was very tired yesterday, but again, there is no pattern on these things. WHEW! I am rambling today! Sorry, I just have a lot in my little brain! : )
I am also thinking about cancelling her appointment with Dr. C. I took her to him for a 2nd and fresh opinion. After processing his testing and way of thinking, I don't think we got that. I feel like he just took Dr. P's diagnosis and did more testing for that. If we are looking at the same ideas> we certainly can see Dr. P for that. I'll know more after I speak with him on the phone tomorrow. I will express that thought to him.
Okay, today is a new day. She came home at 10 AM is naturally crashed out on the couch> it's always like that when she spends the night away from home. Here's to hoping for a good evening! Enjoy this spring like day!

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