Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday PM

Hey! Slow day for us. We went shopping with friends to get ready for Cancun. Steff was tired, but UP for shopping. LOL She didn't have that little shine in her eyes today, nor did she have much tolerance. (w/me). go figure. On our way home, I realized she didn't wear her brace, so her back was hurting. She didn't want to deal with it while trying on clothes. Plan for next time: at least have it in the car so when we're finished, she can put it on. Yep, we bought quite a bit. I KNOW~ Like she needs clothes. Anyway, we had a pretty good afternoon. Friends came over again tonight to watch the TIGERS WIN!! Yay! Char brought dinner> which was really good. Speg pie, garlic bread, an awesome Italian salad and mint brownies. It was delicious. Steff hung with us to eat and watch the game, but was more interested in talking about her purchases. lol She was laughing and hanging in there for the win! She planned on going out tonight, but was too tired.
That's about all I know today. Nothing new to report on the medical front.

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