Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello all! Not much going on here. : ) We didn't make it to the game last night. Steff studied for a test and read on "Huck Finn" for English. Pretty mellow evening. She had PT this morning. Her back is not easing up on the pain when sitting. Angie suggested going to an Orthopaedic Dr to get it checked out. (didn't I mention that early in Feb?) Anyway, I'm going to call today and get an appointment> what can it hurt? I am glad to report the nausea was gone yesterday. She was ready to eat! I'm glad and hope it stays that way. (she had mostly been munching on crackers~due to the nausea)
We stopped by the mall on the way home from the orthodonist. She wanted to report in on her job. She's scheduled to work next week. Not sure how I feel about that, but again, we will play it by ear. It's a beautiful day outside> I'm out of here! Enjoy your day!!

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