Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday 3/09

Good Afteroon> my first day back to work did not happen. Steff had an appointment at 9, we finished around 12. After her appt. we had to pick up her refill on Keppra and have her fitted for a corset for her back. The Orth Dr. scheduled a bone scan with dye for her back. We do that on Tues 17th. She has to be there at 10 to get the dye injected, then return at 2 to get scanned. That will be another day off of school and work. I REALLY hope he can figure this out. If he can get her some relief for her low back-that would be good. I hope the corset/brace thing helps her ability to sit. Who knows~ maybe we are dealing with 2 different issues?
I have a call into Dr. C> hope to talk to him today on the results of blood/ua. I really feel like he would have called if something showed up. Just the same, I'll let you know. The Orth Dr. also wants her to give cheer leading a rest. They have try outs next week. I really don't think it's the cheering or dancing that hurt her back. More the jumping and flying-the coming down. We'll see. I'm sure she won't give it up. BUT if she would let her back rest from flying, we would know if that is her problem with it. Oh well, that's just another day in out world...............

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