Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday PM

Hey! The photo shoot went well. Steff was very comfortable with the Lucas guy! Hope he got some good ones~ looked like he did. She will be going back the middle of April for the outside shots. Today was fun for her, but I bet the outside shots will be the best. I made it to work today, and was dragging tail around 12. I didn't sleep well last night, either that, or I missed my nap today! LOL (not really)
The corset/brace seems to be doing it's job. She seems happier and not "on edge" like she had been. Def more enjoyable to be around. She said it relieves the pain on the sides, but it's still sore in the middle. Not sure what that means, but it's giving her relief> that's all that matters. The SL Dr. finally got in touch with me> I missed his call last night. Her blood was normal, but her urine is slightly elevated with copper. SO, he wants to do a 24 hour specimen and go from there. Not sure what all this involves, but guess I'll learn! He is mailing us the work order, and in the meantime, I will check with the lab to find out what we need. She is now taking the nausea pill, sinemet only 2 X a day. This could be helping with her tolerance level. : ) I would call today her best day yet since we left the hospital. Wo Hoo! Life is Good. Here's to hoping each day is better than the last!

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