Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday PM

Hello All. Tuesday was a full day, to say the least. We went to get the dye injected for the bone scan, all went well. We went out to lunch and shopping (of course), waiting for 1:30, to return for the bone scan. I got all our tanning, sunscreen and aloe vera gel for Cancun while we were out. The bone scan went real well, until the last 10 minutes. I noticed her hands folding in and her toes moving, I could tell she was fighting an episode. Once they got her out of the machine and unstrapped her body> the episode started and went for quite a while. One nurse wanted to take her down to the ER. I'm like....why? We know what is going on, we've been there 2 times already. Anyway, they called a nurse to help, then she paged Dr. Patel. We were having quite the gathering. Dave exited to use the Men's room> NOT! He just needed to get out and get air. It was crowded in there, not to mention the fact that he was watching Steff struggle through the episode. He opened the door, and I could tell he was having a hard time. I went to him, had him lean against the wall, then he slid down it. He was "white" and clammy. They threw him on a bed, took his vitals and took care of him. I was going back and forth. There were med students with Steff, who were very good with her. I also appreciated the very nice, concerned nurse we had. Long story longer, they gave her a shot of benedryl and sent us out. Dr. Patel also gave her a script for a muscle relaxer- how many times did I ask for that? So, she now takes 1/2 at bedtime, then next week (no school) we will increase it to 1 a day, and see what happens. Dr. P is still stuck on the "something has happened to her" and this is her way of telling us. I, again, disagree. I told him to prove to me that the Gardasil is NOT doing this and I'll be open to your "stressed" theory. He said we can both work on what we think it is, then we will get together and discuss it. He called me today at work with an appointment with a Psychologist for her. I'll take her, b/c what can it hurt? In the meantime, I'm going to call the Infectious Medicine Spec back to see when we can get in, and if they can help determine what is going on. BTW, the bone scan was normal. All the tests are normal. So what is causing this? and why won't it stop?
I also went to Boone Hospital Lab today and got the jug for her 24 hour urine speciman. NICE! It has to be kept cold. I'm thinking the bar downstairs...LOL not really. I'll prob get a cooler to keep in her bathroom. This is for Dr. C in SL to check for copper content.
There's my day for Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh yeah! I worked today. Tired and crabby, but I worked. I think I pretty much covered it all. We are not any closer today than we were last week. I did forget to mention, it seems to be going into her shoulders and neck. Nice. I guess this happened at cheer practice. She told me when she got home. The episode yesterday involved her neck/head more than I have ever noticed. I'm done. Catch you when I know something OR if anything more happens to this girl!

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