Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday AM

Good Morning all! The one thing I know today ~ these episodes are not predictable. Watching her at the game last night, (boys~won) I would have guessed we were going to have a tough ride home, or a rough night of sleep. NEITHER! She slept all the way home, then went straight to bed. Maybe it's the 3rd pill that is making her "zone out" ~ She was making me nervous at the game. I know she was tired, I'm sure they all are, it's a long drive with late games. She was still tired this morning, as she headed off to school. I'll be picking her up at 2 for a retainer check with ortho. She will be coming home after that to rest and work on her homework from missing so many hours. Quarter is over on Friday. Depending how that goes, we might make the game tonight, but doubt it. I know this is her last week of cheering, but it is not my last week of stressing~ I hope it is, but let's be real. So, we'll see.......
She made a full day yesterday, seemed like her appetite has picked up. I expected the 3rd pill to completely knock it out, I'm glad it didn't.
Medical stuff... I plan to call Dr. C on Thursday to check on her blood tests. I keep hoping he will call me and since he hasn't, I assume they were okay. I'll call tomorrow anyway, and give him a report on these 1/2 pills. That's all I know.
I do have good news for the people I work with. Our company switched to Blue Cross/Shield on Jan 1st. They have already paid Steff's hospital bills. It was over $15000~ my share.... $1096.54. I'm good with that and was impressed with them. They also have been very helpful over the phone, trying to figure this thing out. SO, This is good news!!
I have good news for me too. : ) Unum finally approved my disability pay. So, they will be mailing me a check on Saturday. This is good. : )

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