Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon 2/28

Hey! Glad to report that the dance went very well. I thought it looked good! They seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd. It was kind of a gangster dance> one they found on YouTube. They did a good job! Her PT did show up and sat with us. She is SO SWEET. She bragged on how Steff could hardly walk into PT 3 weeks ago and look at her now!! I heard it. Steff hung in there and cheered for the boys game after the dance. Her back was tired and sore, but what's new with that??? She seems to be able to put it out of her mind and keep rolling on.
I was feeling all special because I was getting on her nerves, A LOT. Seems I'm not all that special, almost everything and everyone gets on her nerves A LOT. I'm sure it is the medicine she's on, or the discomfort from her back. SO> that said, if she is short with you, or seems irritated with you, don't take it personal & don't feel special> I am hoping this passes soon. I'm not saying it's okay for her to act like that, but I am trying to understand. She can get irritable really quick. WARNING!! : )
I spoke with Dr. P's nurse on email. She said it can take 6-8 weeks for the Keppra to stop making her drowsy and suggested putting her on B-12. I really would like to stop adding to her intake of pills. But I'll watch this week to see if we need to do that. Any feedback from people dealing with her on a daily basis would be great. I also would like to know if her personality is "back" or if you are dealing with a new kid! LOL Email or comment would be good. I see a different girl at home than I see at school. At home if her back hurts, she gives into it. I believe, during school, she trudges on. Somehow she has enough energy and drive to cheer, dance and hang out, but just can't seem to find the energy to pick her clothes up from the floor, or pick up after herself. LOL She may have just gotten more spoiled!! Guess time will tell............right now she's all chilled out in the living room watching some dumb movie with Dave. I got her up early this AM to get her hair cut and try on her prom dress after alterations. Both look good!! : ) NOW~ of course she got up for those! Go figure.
That's about all I know today. Looks like it is going to be a mellow one right now. It could easily change in TEN minutes, just like everyones! LOL Enjoy your weekend!

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