Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Sunday!

Saturday and Sunday have gone well for Steff. Her back remains 'very tight', but hasn't had spasms this week end. The medicine that the St. Louis Dr. (Dr. C) prescribed is Carb/Levo 25/100mg if that means anything to anyone. I have yet to look it up on Web MD, but will. She took it on Sat/Sun. It makes her very sleepy and dizzy. Not sure yet how we will handle that with school. Dave tried to keep her up, but it knocked her out. She's still sleeping. We stopped giving her the benedryl to sleep, Dr. C was thinking that was why she was so draggy all day. Instead, he suggested Melatonin 3 mg nightly. So, that's where we are today. She did go to cheer practice today, but I didn't get to chat with her yet. I took the 2 little girls and went to the mall. We had lunch and did a lot of looking around. They enjoyed it. : ) I guess Dave & Steff had some bonding time, until she crashed out! LOL We are starting this week on plans of full days of school and cheer practice each day. I would rather she not cheer until Friday. She still tires out quickly.
But we will play it by ear and take each day as it comes. Have a good Monday everyone!!

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