Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a new week...Monday 2/16

Hey Guys! Steff had a bad day yesterday, but today wasn't as bad. I made the mistake of letting her attend a party on Sat. night, against my better judgment, then she begged to spend the night with a friend, I gave in. She didn't have her benedryl with her, she takes it every night to sleep better and let her muscles relax. She was also cold during the night, which I'm sure didn't help her muscles. Long story short, Sunday was prob bad because of the choices she made, and I allowed. Yep, I know I'll never qualify for "mother of the year". We both learned a lesson at her expense. Life is about lessons. Today she went to PT early and was planning on going to school, but fell asleep on the way home, then went to the couch. She woke up around 2. I feel like rest is important, so I let her sleep. She was feeling pretty good tonight, she did homework and began working on her paper for State. I think that Saturday night set her back a couple of days. I was glad tonight was better. Angie, her PT told me not to just focus on the Gardasil, I might miss something else that is important. She's right. I'll back off, keep my mind open, but not discard the idea. I did call the Health Dept today and report it to Vaers (or whatever it is). The girl there was very helpful, but doubts this is related. Naturally, b/c they gave her the shots.
I didn't get as much accomplished today as I had planned. I did make the calls, but things didn't fall in place. I called the St. Louis Childrens hospital, they said they didn't receive her papers. I called Dr. Patels office, seems we mixed our messages, I stated that I would hand carry (I want to read them) to the 2nd opinion. However, I later asked them to fax to St. Louis. Not a big deal, but it means a few more days before I can make the appointment. In the meantime, I received more information on St. Lukes Hospital and plan on giving them a call tomorrow. I called the Dr. that has a website on detoxing the Gardasil, he was out of his office today. I emailed him later, and received a reply. He is going to try to get to me tomorrow. I'm still going to work on detoxing her body, with this open mind, but want to make sure I am going about it in the correct way. Not sure what happens if you detox a body too much. She did do another ionic foot bath, and yes, the water was gross again. I bet everyones is. But it can't hurt, I hope! : )
Her spirits were better tonight. Maybe yesterday she was too tired to want to deal with all of this. I know the feeling. She plans on attending school 1/2 day tomorrow, b/c she has an appointment at 1 with the OB/GYN. Hope we can get some answers there. There you have it, hope we make progress and figure some things out this week! Have a good day everyone!!

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