Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Update...Another long one : )

Today was another good day. She gave her blood at Boone (which took FOREVER!) Found out at the lab that her blood is going to Mayo Clinic for the lab work. We dropped off her prescription, (which I'm not sold on, yet)! Since we were over by our Chiropractor, I made the decision to drop by and let him check her out. What could it hurt at this point? I figured, all the twisting and turning that her body did in the hospital, this might be a good idea. He popped her back a LOT! She didn’t have much to say about it. I dropped her off at school for her 2 hours. She came home from Cheer practice and looked like my old girl. She said the chiro did give her some relief, sitting was easier, but it still hurts. I say, we will be going back next week. : ) In the meantime, while we were chatting, I made another discovery.~~ She’s not sweating at all. ~~ When she used to go to the tanning bed, she would have to wipe up a puddle of sweat when she was finished. Today, there was nothing. She said she was hot like she used to be, just no sweat. No sweat at cheer leading practice either. I already reported this to the Dr. -Hope this clues someone into “the problem”. Another change that we are very aware of: She is HOT all the time. Wore shorts to school today and yesterday. She used to complain of being cold, until all this started. He also is aware of that. She was kind of mean tonight, a playful and fun mean, wonder if that’s the meds. I seem to be her “target of choice.” A part of me says that’s okay, the other part says no! this is unacceptable. Today is a new day. Here’s to hoping that stops, with or without my assistance. : ) It is good to hear her laugh.

I had a peaceful day today. I made the decision this morning while I was blogging, to let it go and turn it over. I made a meatloaf for supper (Dave was happy!) I adopted a soldier off the Cornbread site. One that loves chocolate. A man after my own heart! LOL I have quite a bit of stuff that has been piling up for the soldiers. SO, I really don’t even have to spend money on him. I think I have enough stuff to pack him a pretty good box. This is a project that is close to my heart. The post office even has “special” priority boxes at special rate for them now. Doesn’t matter how much it weighs, the price is $11.00 or somewhere around there, as long as the address is a PPO or APO.
I also tried locating my Pampered Chef books and orders. Seems they are getting new catalogs on March 1st. So, I would like to close that book party by the end of the month, in case the prices go up or someting is discontinued. There you have it. My mind is working on other things. Today. At least my mind is working..............
Dave gets put out with me. He says if Steffanee has one good day, that I act like this is over. Or when she has a bad day, I am all over it. He thinks I over react. Yep, after processing it, I would say he is probably right. After 2 decent days, I made the decision to ask if she can do the dance for Senior night. I know this is important to her, but Dave thinks I’m pushing it. Probably some of that over reacting. : )I really just want her happy and doing the things she enjoys! (besides shopping) So, the Senior Dance is still ‘up in the air’. Okay, I’m done. Thanks for hanging with me, if you did. Have a good day! Email when you can, I do like hearing from you all. I may not always answer, but enjoy the company. LOL

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