Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey Guys! Today was a successful day for me and the phone! : ) Steff has an appointment in St. Louis tomorrow with Dr. Callahan. He's a ped neuro in Chesterfield. I got his name from a friend who has a sister that works in the medical field at Barnes. I really hope he can help us. I called Dr. Patel and they faxed all her paperwork today. This way, hopefully we won't repeat the same tests. $$ : )
Steff had an appointment today with her OB, luckily she didn't have the exam stuff, b/c we were busy talking about what has been going on with her. Dr. B was skeptical about the Gardasil, but she has the information. I showed her my updates, from day 1, so she would have the whole story. She ran copies of those and copies of all the Gardsil information I had. Said she would study everything and get back with us, either way. But, she's going on vacation next week with her family. She too has a teenage girl, I know she gets it. Steff felt like it was a wasted trip, but I didn't. If she talks to other doctors, someone might have an answer.
Dr. Flannery in California called me today. We were on the phone for over 30 minutes. He seems to me like he knows his stuff. Not conventional medicine, but I understood his way of healing the barriers, body, etc. I explained to him about tomorrow and how I would rather do something that takes my insurance, (he doesn't take insurance, or insurance doesn't take him, not sure.), he said if we hit a dead end and still have a girl that's weak and having episodes to call him back. He still wants me to fill out forms on his website so he can study her case. He treats girls all over the US. He said he will research our area to see if there is a Dr. that will work with him, through him, to treat her if we need him. He charges $200 for a consultation. It's hard to put a price on your childs health. But, that's on the back burner until after our St. Louis appointment. We're not even sure that it's the Gardasil. We'll see.
Steff attended school until 11:30 today, she was tired, but proud that she got all her homework and assignment to work on tomorrow. She's nervous about going. Wants to know if we can go shopping!? I had to remind her that her dad is going! : ) She said she felt the same all day. Her back is tight tonight, I put a heat pack on it. She has PT at 11 in the morning, had to cancel the massage. We'll get on the road about noonish. Appointment at 4~ and we will need to figure out where we are going.
Hoping to blog good news tomorrow night!! Have a good one and send your positive energy our way!!

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  1. I will be thinking positive for all of you, have a safe trip, I will be waiting for an update............Love, your older sister