Friday, February 20, 2009

We JUST might be getting "there"

Okay. You all know that Dave thinks I go from one extreme to another. That said, Steffanee had a really good day today. She made it all day at school. She said her back got sore and she was really tired by 6-7th hour, but she made it. This is progress. Right after school, she had PT. That went really well. I really like her Therapist. She is surprised how strong and how much improvement Steff has made over the last 2 weeks. Steff is very comfortable with her and she is very mellow and good with Steff. She threw it out there in the beginning, that maybe this was a virus in her spine. She feels that if it was the Gardasil, that Steff wouldn’t be getting better this fast. She has a point. Either that, or her body is fighting it better than it was. Who knows….. It would be much easier if we did know what is going on and a way to fix it. BUT we don’t, so we’ll all stay positive. She was more herself today. Dave picked Aaliyah up while we were at PT, they laughed and played for quite a while> Steff & Aaliyah. I'm SURE Dave & Aaliyah did too!! She was kind of like before all this started. We all ate, Steff chilled with a heat pack on, then she headed out to the movies. “Fired Up” started tonight. She was excited to see it. She’s supposed to come home right after the movie, we’ll see. Odds are, she’ll call and ask to do something else. That would be the norm.

Me? I had a mellow day, besides worrying about her. I ran a few errands, had lunch with my sister and a friend. Then picked Steff up and ran her around. She really hopes she can drive after she sees Dr. Patel on the 6th. We skipped the game in Ashland tonight, her idea, she knew she needed to rest. Never thought I would say it, but I kind of miss work. Well, maybe not the work, but the people. With her in school all day, I have a lot of down time. : ) Wish I could settle down and get a few things done. But it hasn’t happened ~ maybe next week. It’s hard to let go of something that has consumed your life for 18 days. But I’ll work on that! Have a good weekend~ b/c we are!! : )


  1. Robin,You will like this I told kate tonight Robin must be really busy because she has not blogged me since the beginning of the week. She laughed at me and said that is not how a blog works // Ok maybe you should give me the damn sign.
    do ya think I am blonde!!!!!! I just a little challenged by new things "Grin"
    so I just now read all of your weeks blogs Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  2. I tried to send a comment but it didn't work - this is a test

  3. It worked!

    Thanks for the updates, Robin. So glad to hear Steff's doing better and that the episodes are apparently subsiding!

    Questions and thoughts: Have you asked Dr. Flannery if Steff's current pattern follows any of his Gardasil cases? I'm wondering if her meds are controlling the side effects or if other cases have followed this path, with symptoms to return later? It's hard for me to believe that her body's reactions were due to a virus; I thought a virus was contagious, but what do I know?! Maybe our prayers have been answered....

    I hope Steff continues to improve, and that you guys have a restful weekend.