Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday AM

Steff just left for school, Laney picks her up. She seemed to sleep well last night, but I did wake up to feel her body moving like it does with an episode. They are pretty much all controlled now, which has to be easier on her body. She did tell me last night when she went to bed that the pain she feels in her low back is moving down into her legs. The pain stays in her low back, even with tylenol. I will be surprised if we learn much today at the OB, but since they recommend the shots, thought we would go there. Yep, I need to prove a point. Besides, this appointment has been scheduled for 6 months. : )
We will get the results of her blood work on Friday at Dr. Matias. I will be on the phone this morning with St. Lukes, trying to get an appointment. Just wanted to touch base, hope you all have a good day!

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