Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Break Information

Okay, for those of you that didn't know, in December, we scheduled a trip to Cancun for Spring Break. Figured this is Steff's junior year, and next year, her class will probably want to go somewhere together. So, it's scheduled for March 25. Little did we know that all this medical stuff would be going on, so I didn't buy the insurance in case we need to cancel. So, it's all pretty much up in the air at this point. Dr. Flannery said to NOT take her. Dr. Patel said it would be good to get her away for a vacation. I'm thinking we will play it by ear and see how things are going. We can make our decision closer to time. She is determined she IS going. A girl at school, who went to Cancun, told Steff she would have to get a vaccine to go. THAT would be the deal breaker. BUT I called our travel agent and no, you don't get vaccines for this resort. I will ask this DR in St. Louis after he diagnosis her or fixes her~ and we will go from there. In the meantime, Steff keeps begging to go shopping, calls that therapy. Yep, just like her mom! She gets tired, so we don't shop long. : ) Oh well, getting things ready to leave today, hoping for some information from him.
About the time on these blogs>> you got me! I tried correcting the time yesterday, but it said it would post in 2 hours, which was the time I entered. So, it's about 2 hours earlier than it really is. Small thing, big day! Have a good one!

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