Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday PM....

First off, after reading todays posting, I need to say, it's not that the dance isn't good . It's just a couple of the moves in the dance that I'm not fond of. That said, I'm fine with the dance overall. As a mom, I have to keep telling myself, "It's just a dance. and Hey! I paid for her to learn those kind of moves!" I hope it goes smooth on Friday night, they have all worked hard on it. : )

PT went well this morning! Steff had on okay day at school. As long as she slept last night, I expected her to have a great day. Everything gets on her nerves. She told me today that it sounds like everyone yells. Everything is loud for her and it overwhelms her. Before this started, she would have been taking part in the conversations that are now getting on her nerves. Another thing I learned today is she's having trouble with her vision. Things get blurry for her. So, I guess I'll be making a few phone calls tomorrow. I'm sure this is a side effect of the meds. I need to find out if both will lighten up, or if this is a big concern. It seems like a circle, she takes the meds to stop the episodes, things seem loud and she gets overwhelmed, then she starts having an episode. They are a LOT milder now, but still...
She controls them, they go away, and she moves on. Not sure what the answer is at this point.

On a lighter note.... Lucas Photography called and asked her to be their Senior Model. She is excited, she already called and made the appointment. This also makes me happy, we get a discount on her photos! We went to their web site and browsed through the Senior Pictures,. Yep, they do a FANTASTIC job! I'm happy for her.

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