Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Wednesday : )

It's Wednesday and life is good. Steff had a good day yesterday, even with her rough start in the morning. She did the dance for the BB girls after school and all went well. She came home and took a 1 1/2 hour nap, ate a decent dinner, then headed back up for the Boys games. Seemed like she had a peaceful night of rest, I wouldn't know, I was KNOCKED out. She said she slept well. She was up early this morning and headed off to school and to eat pancakes> she HATES pancakes, but I didn't ask~ : )

I have to admire her determination to keep things going like nothing has happened. She is going on with life as usual. Wish I could act like nothing happened~ seems it messed with me more than it did her. (who knows!) I wish she would realize that rest is very important for her body, to avoid the episodes. Maybe in time she will. She is looking forward to doing the dance on Friday at the BB game. She loves to dance and perform~ we all know that!! Until then, life goes on...

Medical information> none. Still cutting her pill, still on 1X day, until Thursday. I did buy her some saltines for the nausea today. STill have not heard back from the blood tests. SO Life is good today.

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