Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 1 & 2 of our life changing.......

Mon, 2 Feb 2009 9:29 pmSubject: Steffanee
Hey! I expected to spend today chilled out on the couch> took Monday off after the Super Bowl. Got a phone call around 10ish> Steff was in the middle of a very heavy seizure at school. The ambulance was there> needless to say> we spent the day at the ER at the University. She talked and was coherent during the "seizure"> so they don't really think it was a seizure. She had a chest cold and stuffy nose this morning. Guess she was having a difficult time breathing, went to use her inhaler and went downhill from there. They did blood work, and her potassium is low> which could have caused her muscles to lock up like they did. Best they could decide is maybe she had anxiety and the low pot. made it worse. She goes in for a EEG on the 19th and has her potass. checked again in 5-7 days. Until then, I guess it's life as usual for her. Mine won't go back to usual until much time has passed. It has been about 2 years since we dealt with this, then out of no where> here we go again. The poor teacher was completely freaked out> but did an excellent job taking care of her and making her feel comfortable. There's an update on our girl> thought you all would want to be informed. I would have called a few of you, but I am sick of talking on the phone today. I'm tired, stressed and a little worried about her. That's a mom's job you know!!! LOL Catch you later, me

Wed, 4 Feb 2009 11:46 amSubject: DAy 3> Steffanee Richardson
Hi Guys! Dave is at the hospital with Steffanee, at this point, she is sleeping sound-with lots of meds. We had a rough day yesterday with about 10 episodes. Then a somewhat peaceful night, with lots of meds. She woke up this morning and the "seizures" started at 8 and would NOT stop. I call them seizures for lack of any other explanation. When she has them, it's nothing like EVER before, it's like her fingers and toes are trying to touch the back of her neck, she just folds backwards, crying that it hurts, sometimes screaming in pain. It is very hard to watch. Dr. Patel's nurse witnessed several this morning, so I feel that they are on top of it. They are going deep into the blood work, urine work, the cat scan came out good> with no sight of a brain> : ) they x-rayed her spine, nothing showed up there. The EEG is still up in the air, she had 2 seizures while they were doing it. Dr. Patel, wants to study it closer before we chat about it. She has a very good appetite. Ate her breakfast and half of mine> which of course, was good for both of us! At this point, I would still rather no one call or come up to the Hospital unless they call us first. I'm not trying to be mean, but we need our privacy and she needs her rest. I will try very hard to touch base with someone to get the word out with what is going on. Maybe when I come home for showers. UNLESS we get good news~ then I will call everyone! JJDave just called. She's still sleeping and Dr. is putting her on a brain monitor for 24-48 hours and we're going to do a MRI on her brain. He said she's not sleeping sound, but is resting, without anything going on. I need to get back to her> Keep her in your prayers and thoughts> at this point that's the best thing we need. Thanks for all the offers> I appreciate all the concern and love coming our way! I'll email next shower, if I can. (didn't want you to think I didn't shower if you didn't hear from me.) Not sure if I copied to everyone> so please pass the word or email if you would> Robin & Dave and of course Steffanee

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