Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday.. .. ..

Wednesday remained a good day for Steff. She fell asleep on the couch at 9 and stayed there until I got her up this morning at 7. She made it at school again for a full day. She said she gets really tired 7-8th hours. Not sure if that's her medicine doing it, or her body still fighting the fight. WebMD said after 3-4 weeks that you adjust to the Keppra, so maybe the drowsiness will go away soon, we can only hope. She had PT again this morning and it went well. I just dropped her off at school. She will be doing the dance on Friday, athletic director gave his approval. I think he wanted to make sure she was attending school full days and had her release from Dr. Patel in place. SO, she will be shaking that little booty on Friday! I'm not real fond of this dance, but, hey! I'm just the mom. : ) I'm off to run errands for her> have a good day!!

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