Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Find....

Tomorrow is Thursday and I don't want to speak too soon, but it's been a quiet week. Last night I heard her quite a bit, but she said she slept well. Looked tired to me, but she said she wasn't. I ordered some foot detoxing patches today, in hopes that will help pull some of the nastiness out of her. : ) I put in detox metals from body on Ebay, and there they were! I read all about them and figured, what the heck? I purchased them for $28. We'll see.
While I was online, I was reading about Gardasil side effects, go figure. AND here is another one I ran across, from Colorado.
I want to introduce you to Ashley. She was 15 at the time of her first shot and she is now 16. Here is what her mother has to say about her daughter. "I am a single mother and have dedicated my life to provide a safe, fun loving environment for my daughter. She has been a gift in my life. I describe her as having an old soul. People of all ages, race, disabled, even animals connect with her. She has always attracted attention from everyone even complete strangers. Ashley will immediately help anyone in need. From holding open a door, to standing up for a child being picked on. People in our community always tell me what a great job I have done raising her." "Ashley has always been involved in extra curricular school activities and has always received top grades. My healthy teenage daughter became a chronically ill young woman. In the last year I have called 911 more times than I can count. She has been hospitalized three times within a year. We have seen many doctors and specialists who have done many tests multiple times all to be within normal limits. Ashley experiences life threatening episodes of seizure like activity, difficulty breathing, major back spasms, paralysis, dehydration, memory loss and tremors and she becomes unresponsive. She has daily illnesses of nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, pain and hair loss. I have provided CPR and life saving skills on a regular basis". "Ashley and I have had conversations in the event she may die. I can only promise her that I will do everything in my power for this not to happen and that we need to focus on healing. I never thought in a million years a vaccine would do this much damage to my beautiful girl. I stay strong for my daughter. I also cry with her too. I keep faith in knowing God doesn't put more on our shoulders than we can handle. As a mother, I also feel the responsibility to get Ashley's story out there so we can help other families." "Now she is ill - her life is dealing with daily symptoms and hoping for a day without a life threatening episode."
Wow ~ The back spasms, seizure like episodes........I"ll leave it at that.
No one will EVER know what we have gone through with Steff, I mean, you know, but the pain you have when you can't help is hard to explain. The emotions I feel every day, not knowing if this will be a good day or a bad one. She plans on spending the night with a cheerleader bonding thing tomorrow night. Do I worry? Yep, I'll be home, with my cell in my pocket, or next to my bed. You just never know when it could happen. On a lighter note, at least they are milder and seem to happen further apart. OOPS, almost went to a pity party, didn't I? It might sound like pity, but it's actually frustration with the entire situation. Okay, I'm done. She just finished her Epsom salt bath, and I"m heading off to bed. Hope it's a good night. Have a good one> THREE DAY WEEKEND coming up!! YAY!!!

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