Sunday, August 30, 2009


Turned out to be a rather peaceful weekend on the episode front. This is good, very good. Yep, my roller coaster in on the hill today. : )
We had a very peaceful day yesterday. After Steff got pulled over by the Sheriff on Route B on Friday, we thought it was a good idea to get her license renewed ~ they expired on her bday. He didn't give her a ticket, but told her to get them renewed right away. SO, Sat morning was spent at the DMV ~ every one's favorite place! I was very surprised how busy they were on that side of the building! Okay, she's up to date now, but we were there past 11:30 and missed the foot bath I had planned on doing. She had to be there by 11:30, they close at 12. So much for that idea. She took a nap when we got home. Then a couple of our friends called, wanted her to come down (neighbors) for her bday surprise. YAY! S makes the BEST guacamole dip ever! We went down there, laughed a lot, she got nice & funny gifts, we ate the chips & dip THEN, they had their massage table set up ~ AND Steff got a nice massage on her upper back. I was so glad. That twisting of her arm really messed up her shoulder & arm. It was like being at Massage Envy, let me tell you! K has a meditation room, which is really nice. That's where the table was, with candles burning, and very relaxing music playing. Steff fell asleep during the massage. We probably should have tipped her, but didn't. LOL Great friends!
Steff came home, showered, then the girls all went out to eat for Michelle & Steff's bday. She said they laughed a TON! Then came her surprise! The neighbor girls, Dave & I all decorated while they were eating. We set the snack table up, along with the cake. If I must say myself, it was looking good! : ) We went to their house and hung out around a bonfire. It was a nice evening for that. We came home around 12:30, driveway was full of cars. House was mellow, some were watching TV, some playing the x-box, we told her good night and headed on to bed. This morning there were still kids here! Oh well, Dave made breakfast for them. Steff laid down after they left and was sleeping most of the day. That's a good thing. She said again, they all laughed a lot. Laughing is good! So, that pretty much covers her weekend and ours too. We didn't shop this weekend~ that was a good thing!! Obviously, today life is good. I hope yours is as well. I need to get lunches ready for the start of another week! Have a good Monday!

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