Friday, September 18, 2009

We both made a full week minus an hour or two

It's Friday and we both made it another full week, minus an hour or two. : ) Football tonight, they lost again, but seem to be getting better. Cheerleaders looked good. I helped with the taco supper the moms decided to have for the team & cheerleaders. That was interesting. I like to watch the kids, how they've grown, changed and moved around in different groups. Hard to believe they will be graduating!
Steff had a pretty good week, she was tired most of it, probably due to being sick. Her cough is much better and it seems like her side effects from the anti biotics are minimal, so far. She did have a muscle spasm today at school around lunch time. Really didn't have time to talk about it, people were around, only talked to her at the game. They are all out running around now ~ enjoying each others company after the game. She said it was in her shoulder again & arm. Not sure how long it will take for the pro biotics to get into her system to make a difference. I'm guessing a couple of weeks. I'm hoping, along with the clean diet, that things will improve soon.
Steff & I are going to the MU game tomorrow with Josh> I hope. Someone said they were sold out on tickets. Not sure, he's taking care of that, if so, oh well, Steff could stay home and use the rest. Yeah, and me too. Rest is good. Dave's going to SL with his mom & sisters to a Cardinal game~ their once a year trip, which is pretty cool. I hope the weather is good for them. Bonding.
I'm out, time to lay down & wait for the Tired one to come home, with friends, I might add. Then I'm heading to bed. Have a good week end!

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