Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay. I took Steff to the DR yesterday in Hallsville. Very nice DR, a little different, but nice enough. She has a touch of pneumonia. Yep, you read it right. She sleeps all the time, which is good. I told her to say it's bronchitis, so she doesn't catch a lot to flack for coming back to school. She completley stresses out about missing school, which isn't good for her either. She's on a Z pack, which worries me as well. BUT one thing at a time and right now, she is sick. She just headed off to school, with water in hand. I'm making this short & sweet, b/c I need to get to work. I tried to talk her into staying home today and resting all day. Didn't happen. Yep, I was going to stay with her.
She took her Epsom bath in my tub last night, then crawled into our bed. (Dave's out of town) I rubbed her back, which it really tight, for quite a while, then she fell off to sleep. Here's where the "I need to post" comes in. Her little body jerked, twitched, and spasmed for a long time once she fell asleep. So, things are still going on in there. Not sure if it's due to the great NIACIN I tried giving her OR that her immune system is so low. Either way, please be aware, that we have taken a few steps back. BUMMER. But that's just the way it is today. Okay, now that I've given you a heads up, I need to head out. Sally, Sara, if you need me, DO NOT hesitate to call. She will be heavy on my mind all day.

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