Saturday, September 12, 2009

I wonder.....

Okay, I'm back. Steff's sleeping. She still has quite the cough and is still sleeping quite a bit. I'm feeling like "mom of the year" again, wondering if I should have taken her to the DR last week for this cold thing she has going. It was seven days on Friday. She stayed home all day & night today, laying around. She planned on heading to a friends about 10ish, Dave & I talked her out of it, to say it nicely.
Last night....... I watched her cheering like I always do, but her right arm kept coming off her hip, she kept stretching it out and moving her shoulder around. I knew she was probably having muscle spasms in it. I kept thinking, if she can hold out until halftime, Dave or I would massage it and talk to her. It started getting pretty bad just at the end of the 2nd quarter, as Dave & I headed to the coach, she was on it. We all three were heading in the same direction. Coach took her to the end & back of the bleachers, Steff was standing as coach rubbed and massaged her shoulder muscle, she said she almost had the knot out of it. Then the band was coming out for halftime, so we moved Steff further away from it, she could barely walk. Once we got there, her legs buckled and down she went. We got jackets and blankets to keep her off the wet grass and let her lay. It went into her hip, her body was pulling in different directions like it used to. Dave, coach & I were trying to keep her comfortable & were rubbing her muscles. It seemed like a long time (as the mom!!), after a while, she told me it was done. Dave & Sara sat with her, she sat up, ate a hot dog (Dave had previously gotten), then we went to watch the last 4-5 minutes of the game. This is the strangest thing ever ~ how many times have I said that in the last seven months? She wanted to ride the bus home instead of riding with us. Against our better judgment, we let her, wish we hadn't. She had some issues on the bus, she called it anxiety. It may have been, or the fact that her chest is full could have played a part in her not being able to breathe. Not sure, don't care. Next time, if it happens again, she will be riding with us. Dave & I both stressed all the way from Tipton to Hallsville. I drove her car home from the school before they got back. I knew she would not be happy with that, but oh well. We are the parents. It's our job to keep her safe. (a little funny there, from her childhood!) When she would get mad b/c she couldn't have her way, I would ask her --- Steffanee, what is my job? She would always reply, "to keep me safe"-- yep! that is my job. still.
Here is where the I wonder.... comes in. I started her on Niacin Monday. I read in the Group that it was helping some of the girls, thought I would give it a try for her. Wonder if that triggered something in her body? You all know that as a mom, you feel responsible when things go wrong. Well, maybe not, but I do. When I finish here, I'm going to web md to learn what it does to the body...........probably should have done that before I gave it to her! "mom of the year" again. I'm telling you ~ I will NEVER get that award. Okay, there's our Friday night. Our Saturday was mellow as it could get. Dave went to CJ's and got hot wings, Steff's favorite, Jeff & Char came over for the Tiger Game, fun night. They won ~~ after it looked like they weren't going to pull it off. Steff laid down on the couch downstairs and watched it with us. We all laughed a LOT! After they left, the three of us were watching a movie, they both fell asleep and here I am!
Oh! I forgot, Steff was signed up to take the ACT test this morning. Needless to say, she was not in any shape to get up early and sit all morning to test. So, guess she'll sign up for next month. Here's to hoping things get better again. I'll stop the Niacin, just in case. Any ideas on the Niacin or any ideas at all ~~ throw them my way. We are doing the best we can here, hoping that it gets better. Enjoy your Sunday! Back to work/school on Monday! : )

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  1. Hey, Ray has to take massive doses of prescription niacin for his cholesterol. He has PED and he gets really bad cramps in his legs. The niacin is supposed to help with that and help keep his chol. down.