Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday and OFF tomorrow!!

Hey! It's been almost a week since I've posted. Most of you know this is a good thing, means things are quiet around here on the "stressful" part of our life. Steffanee/Episodes.
I'm guessing all went well at the Cheer bonding swimming party & sleep over. Steff did say she had a nightmare and woke up crying while there. I cringed, hoping it was a nightmare. She told me they had a good time, and talked about that, didn't mention any medical problems, so I didn't go there. Sometimes I try to leave it up to her, to share. I know she gets tired of me questioning her about it. So, unless you all know more than I do, it was a good week. Feel free to share if you do know more than I do. I'm fine with that!
The football game was Friday, although they had no school. Steff got her hair cut & highlighted. I planned on meeting her for lunch, then dropping her car off for new tires. Nope. She had to be at the school by 3. Subway it was and no tires. I'm hoping they are open tomorrow so I can get it done. Her tires are B-A-D! That would be the last thing she needs, a blow out.
Saturday we got up and went to the car wash the Seniors had at HyVee. That was fun. I saw a lot of girls I hadn't seen for a while. Josh showed up to get his car washed. : ) Steff sent him a text to bring it out! They made quite a bit of money. I had no idea a car wash would make that much, especially on a cloudy, almost rainy day. LOL Steff stayed home after that, feel asleep early and slept most of today. She didn't feel good yesterday or today. Sore throat, cough and her chest is heavy. HOWEVER, she felt well enough to go out tonight. She left while I was in Boonville, shopping with mom. I hope she does feel better!
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day. Hope they are right! We still haven't covered our pool. I keep hoping for a nice sunny weekend. Labor day ~ last chance. Doubt that happens! We'll probably cover it next week, after I FINALLY order a cover on Ebay. LOL Hard to close a pool with out a cover. It will be easier now to do, my computer was sooooooooooooo slow. Rhonda came over and put some more memory in it. Made a world of difference! That's another reason I haven't posted! I'm out ~ heading off to work on laundry, hope to hear from Steff soon, to get the scoop on her plans. Enjoy your Monday ~ and have a good week!! Hope we do as well.

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