Monday, September 28, 2009

Should be short....

AGH! This has to be short, I have things to do! Like figure out what the kid can eat, now. She is volunteering for NHS at the ball game, then off to work on the Float building. I believe she also has a College English paper due tomorrow. Somewhere in there, I need to take her some healthy food.
Okay. I am SSSOOOOOO on information overload. I was writing very fast to make sure I got everything. Dr. Mark is sending me a box full of testing supplies, along with the papers for the lab. Instead of going into detail right now about his plan, I"ll tell you what he "thinks" is going on with Steffanee, according to the answers to all the questions and from past blood work she had done. I had to fax over 50 papers to him today. All the testing she has had done since Feb. He looked over it, she was very low on Vit B12 back in Feb, which means she has poor oxygen levels in her body. Oops, here is what he is speculating with her> nothing is solid until HIS testing is finished. He is thinking she must have hypoglycemia, along with adrenal gland dysfunction. Those glands manage blood sugar levels, balances blood sugar. I also got a grip on the barrier thing. The blood barrier/brain barrier. Usually the toxins settle into muscle tissue, when you start detoxing, it pushes toxins out into circulation, and they can end up in a more damaging place. I was very impressed with the simple way he answered my questions. He explained things so they were easy to understand. He said we will start making a plan once he gets the initial blood testing results back.
Did I say short?? I am so full of information, I want to share!!! : ) I'm out, need to find some meat and veggies/fruit for the medical mystery girl!!
I learned a TON of info and wrote it all down, so I won't forget!! ABSOLUTELY NO sauna, NO ionic foot baths, NO foot patches! But Epsom salt baths are GOOD. WOW, I might have done one thing correct! : ) Later, I hope. If not, I'll be back tomorrow! Sadie has Senior Night for Softball, so it will be after that, OH! and after float building. Perhaps, another day!!! : ) I'm a happy woman right now!! WE HAVE A PLAN~ AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!!! Perhaps Dr. Mark is the answer to all my prayers. Perhaps.

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