Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today was good, all the way around.

Today was a good day. Steff made it all day with out any episodes. She feels a little better AND we went shopping at Clovers on Chapel Hill. Much better experience than I've had at the Clovers on this side of town. I'm glad. The guy there was very helpful, told Steff the secrets in the Gluten free products. He obviously eats them. He steered her in the right direction and was very convincing on how easy the transition can be, once you make that decision. We were in there quite a while. We also picked her up some Probiotics. Yeah, you got me! It's for immune and digestive support. (I have the box in front of me! : ) ) I guess she has too much yeast (only b/c that's what they say you get from the Gardasil) So, we need to heal her digestive system before we introduce the detox (you know, the niacin.) I'm working on it. She even got sunflower, gluten free bread, Pizza crust, cereal and some really good non dairy, gluten free ice cream. Just realized the ice cream probably has sugar in it. SO, I'm 2 out of 3 there! I'll tell her to eat it all tonight, b/c she starts tomorrow! Ha. not really.
So, she needs to be dairy, sugar, and gluten free. What does that leave you ask? Well, veggies, fruits and lots of protein. Just like our great great grandparents ate. That's probably pretty close to the way I understand it. Take the processed foods out and go back to the basics. Probably good for everyone to do that. JUST NOT AS HANDY OR EASY! I'm trying really hard to get there.
Okay, Back to Steff. : ) I got a call yesterday at work from Sara, the nurse/cheer coach, Steff had just had an episode at school. Sara was calm, which kept me calm, as she explained to me that Steff had removed herself from her College English class, b/c she felt overwhelmed and could tell what was coming. Sure enough, so to the counselors office she went. Sara and the new nurse helped her through it. Sara told me she was fine, and would be taking it easy in cheer practice. Knowing how I am, I'm sure most of you are surprised I stayed at work and let her go on with her day. ME TOO!! BUT I have to say, I am very secure and sure that Sara "gets it" ~ she knows how to handle Steff and these things. I trust her, as a matter of fact, it makes life easier to know that Sara is there for her. So, thank you very much Sara. I'm glad you are there. It was not as bad as the one on Friday at the game. So, maybe things are getting better in there. I'm sure the "touch" of pneumonia is dragging her down, not to mention the niacin. Besides those two factors, the group says they have all had set backs with their girls from time to time. So, there's an update on our wonder child. LOL
Gardasil. The ladies that were doing the project finished it. They did a great job and mailed out hard copies to a TON of elected officials, along with others. CDC, FDA, Merck, etc. I made copies and plan to share. They put faces on the stories. It's hard to read, but makes me realize that we are lucky. Lucky in a difficult way.
I'm ordering Gabi Swank T shirts. They say I don't want to be "ONE LESS...." on the front, with a scripture on the back. It's a fundraiser for Gabi's family. You know me!! I'll order them. Hit close to home. I'm mailing it off on Friday. If you want one, let me know. $12 shirt $2. s/h The shirts are black, the ribbon is lavender. (it's with the scripture and the nvic web address)
Okay, I'm off, need to get to bed~ Any suggestions, input, output, or ideas? Email me!! Like, if you thought about the niacin hurting her, I won't be offended if you tell me BEFORE I do it!
Life is Good. Have a Good Thursday ~ and hope we do too! : )

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